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How to Install KVM switch?

As we know, a KVM switch can help us manage multiple computers. But some people may worry about its time-consuming installation. In fact, it's quite easy as it does not require any software. Here's the installation step:

1. locate the KVM switch between computers and the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

2. hook up all computers with KVM switch by KVM cable

3. hook up USB keyboard, mouse, and monitor with KVM switch by other video cable (like VGA, HDMI)

4. power on computers and the monitor. Almost plug and play for all KVM switches, no software required.

In order to avoid cable mess, some brands upgrade the KVM cable to 2in1, and even add a wired desktop selector. But Cons is that some users might wrong plug the KVM switch. This video is about 2 port KVM switch installation.

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