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2 Port USB KVM Switch

To manage 2 computers on one monitor by keyboard and mouse, so many KVM switches are available on Amazon, Ebay and Newegg, but which is the right one for you? The first thing to consider is the connector type, DVI, VGA, HDMI, or DP?

If both desktop computers are connected with 2 monitors by VGA cable, the 2 ports USB VGA KVM switch is the right one, while by HDMI cable, the HDMI KVM is preferred.

In fact, 2 port KVM are most popular because for programmers, engineers, and technician, it can match their two-computer-switching requirements, while in server room, the 8/16 ports my be the right one.

Top 1 for 1080P USB VGA KVM switch

This 2 port USB VGA KVM switch is supplied by MT-VIKI, a well-known brand in KVM industry. It's advantage is the upgraded 2in1 KVM cables, one additional USB port for printer or U disk, and the best price around 16$. This one also support wireless keyboard, and mouse


Top 2 for USB VGA KVM switch

IOGear is a brand selling Computer accessories. Different from other KVM switch, this one built with KVM cables and a desktop control. But it's not built with other one USB port to share printer or U disk for both computer. Honestly, it's easier to hook up 2 computers.


Top 1 for 4K USB VGA KVM switch

This 4K 30hz HDMI KVM switch is the latest version, The latest 2in1 HDMI cable also used for this KVM, built with one USB port for printer, and 1 wired desktop selector. It's the first one for 4K HDMI switch with 2in1.


Top 2 for 4K USB VGA KVM switch

If you don't want to share U disk or printer for both computer, or you don't mind cable mess, this one it's also a good 4K KVM for you. It looks beautiful.


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