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What is KVM Switch?

KVM switch, called multi-computer controller, is a device that is used to control 2, 4, 8, 16 or more computers or servers. Hook up multiple computers with the KVM switch by USB KVM cables, and then connect the KVM switch with one set of keyboard, monitor and mouse by other one cable VGA/HDMI, that is the easy way to control multiple computers. Most KVM switches are manual by button or hotkeys, But you may also control multiple computers over IP access if you own an IP KVM switch. The KVM switch has many advantages:

①save space and cost

②more effective computer management.

③ Local or remote management (IP KVM switch)


The well-known KVM brands are AVOCENT, MT-VIKI, Raritan, Aten, TESmart. With the upgrade of video quality, the KVM for DVI, BNC, RCA AV interface have been eliminated. Now the popular KVM interfaces are mainly 1080p VGA and 4k HDMI, while 8K DP KVM is the latest version, however few devices are built with DP port, and the 8K monitors are rarely used in computers.

What is the right KVM switch for you? Here's table list for your reference. 1. Ordinary USB KVM switch-- 2 to 4 ports, built with VGA, HDMI or DP and USB port, good for personal use to control 2 or 4 computers. 2 Industrial USB IP KVM Switch-- 2,, 4, 8, 16 to 32 ports, switch by manual or IP web control, mostly built with VGA or HDMI, designed for industrial use like in server room. 3. Monitor KVM switch-- mostly 8 to 16 ports, an independent console with LED monitor like a laptop. 4. KVM swith over Cat -- mostly 8 to 16 ports, the newest version. Means that you can set up your kvm switch from 200 meters away ( vga, hdmi, dp cable can't support that long)